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5rd & 6th Division

Start-UP Division- BOYS TEAMS - Red, Blue, Black, Green, Orange, White

Girls have 4 "VIKINGS" teams - Red, Green, Blue & Black

Boys- 60 Player Spots

Girls-40 Player spots

5th/6th Grade boys play once or twice a week, M,W or F, for an hour each session- 7-8pm

Girls will play twice a week, T,Th 7-8pm

The 5th /6th grade division is a competitive division which will challenge each player to do their best.   Players will improve both their individual and team skills as they compete at a higher level.   Equal play for all players will truly make it a team effort.  

In order to make this a successful experience, we have made a few modifications.   First, we will be using an intermediate size ball, and secondly, you and your team will have the option of playing at 9-foot high baskets if the gym will accommodate this.  Each team will not exceed 10 players, ideally 8 per team if we have enough coaches.   Teams will play both 3-on-3 format and 5-on-5 format, man-to-man defense.   Score will be kept for games, but there will be no team standings kept.   The emphasis will be on learning the fundamentals and having fun playing the game.
            Each player will be issued Vikings Youth Basketball shorts and Vikings T-shirt.