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The Vikings Youth Basketball Program
is open to all children in the Valley Central School District. Presently we can accommodate children from outside the school district but if enrollment exceeds our capacity Valley Central district children will receive preference.

The mission of the VYB is for our children to:

  • Have Fun
  • Learn the game of basketball
  • Improve individual skill and learn TEAM concepts
  • Lay the foundation for those who wish to play at a higher level

In order to achieve our goals it is important that we find dedicated volunteer coaches who embrace these values. We are looking for coaches who respect the rights of children and who understand the game, yet can teach more than just the ‘game’ of basketball. Our children need adults who value the child’s “Bill of Rights”(see Players page)for youth sports.

Simply put, this program is about our children and their perspective, keeping them active and participating in an activity, which can strengthen life values beyond just the game of basketball. The league is only as good as the volunteer coaches who step up to work with our children. Our league will help our volunteer coaches gain confidence with individual and team skill building.

We do our best to create teams that are as balanced as possible. This means that parents/coaches of the 5/6 and 7/8 levels may not make any ‘special’ requests regarding players on the same team. Team rosters will be determined based on player evaluations. Requests at the 1/2, 3/4 divisions will be accepted if parents feel there is a comfort factor for their child to play with a friend. We do not keep score at these two levels. We do keep score at the 5/6 and 7/8 levels, but we do not keep standings.

The focus in all divisions shall be on individual and team skill building, not winning. Winning is the by-product of individual and team skill building. So, while we want our players to compete at the highest level they are capable, and to play to win, they will play within the team-concept that everyone plays as equally as possible. Ideally, our coaches play to win, and do so within guidelines that encourage all players to feel they are an important part of the team.

This is a recreational basketball program. The following modifications have been implemented to allow for the best possible outcome for our players. The 3/4 grade levels will play at 8-foot baskets and use 27” youth basketballs. This allows smaller children a better opportunity to score and handle the ball more easily. The 5/6 grades will use 28.5” basketballs for the same reasons and opt for 9’ or 10’ baskets, The schedule for the season will run from December thru March. December will begin with team practices followed by a 3 on 3 play format, then 5 on 5 game schedule with several practice sessions interspersed throughout the season. The 1/2 grade division will run 10 Saturdays December-March. The cost of the program is $60. This cost will cover equipment, T-shirts/shorts, trophies, and referee fees. Games and practices will be at Montgomery, Berea, and East Coldenham Elementary schools. All games (3-8) will be played on weekday evenings. We shall do our best to schedule the 3/4 grades during the earlier time slot (6pm & 7pm) League Coordinator is Casey Rumsey - 845.361.4533