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Guidelines For a Coach Parent Partnership

1. Recognize the commitment the coach has made.
The coaches are volunteers. Many coaches spend additional time beyond their family time to prepare for their coaching duties. Many are in the process of learning to be better coaches. No adult volunteered to see what a lousy job they could do with your child.

2.  Make early, positive contact with the coach.
Introduce yourself. To the extent that you can do so, ask if there is any way you can help.  By getting to know the coach early and establishing a positive relationship, it will be much easier to talk to the coach later if a problem occurs.

3.  Fill the coach’s emotional tank.
When the coach does something you like, let him know

4.  Do NOT give instructions during a game or practice.  
You should not under almost any circumstances give your child instructions or advice during a game. You are not one of the coaches, so do not give your child instructions about how to play, even if your child is sitting on the bench at the time. Instead, focus on giving encouragement to your child and others on the team.

5.  Do not put the player in the middle.
It is almost the norm for parents to voice their disapproval of a coach with their child.   This puts a young athlete in a bind. Divided loyalties do not make it easy for the child to do their best. If you think the coach is not handling a situation well, do not tell your child about it, rather seek a time to talk about it with the coach in which you can talk about it with no distractions.

6.  Observe a “cooling” off period.  
Wait 24 hours if you are upset with something before you talk to the coach.
This will give you time to evaluate, think what your goals are and frame it so you can achieve what is best for your child.

7.   Fill the entire team’s Emotional Tank.
Focus on the positive things players do. Support you child no matter how they play. Support the entire team in the same way.

8.  Honor the game and encourage parents to join you.

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