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Dear Parents,
    On behalf of the Vikings Youth Basketball and the League Coordinators would like to thank you for your support and interest in the basketball program.  Without your support, this exciting program would not be possible. We believe we made many improvements in the league this year, and are looking forward to your continued input and support.

     While we each have our own personal viewpoints, we value the voice of our parents and coaches. We strive toward a common goal and philosophy: To share the game we love with children so they can experience its magic, its joy, its heartbreak, its challenges, and its camaraderie.  It is a game of constant, fluid motion in which a simple sphere connects and unites all involved.  It enables us to connect with others in order to achieve a team goal.  It is this ability to ‘connect’ and how we ‘connect’ with others that make the game a universal tool that can be used to teach children many life lessons.  It is more than just a game.  With that in mind, the league’s primary goals are fun, skill building, and team concepts. If the score is kept, it is about winning the right way. 

      This program is primarily about our children, not about the adults. With this focus everything else will fall into place to make the program an enjoyable experience for our kids.

     If you are interested in getting involved in the Vikings Youth Basketball Program please contact Casey RUmsey by clicking on the Contact link above.

     We wish to remind parents we discourage any requests to place players with specific coaches and other players for the 5th thru the 8th grades.

     Please review the files below so you know what we need from you to help ensure our program’s continued success.   

A note to parents regarding photography.  
We intend to post team photos on the website and include other action shots of the players in each division. Other than the team photos, if you do not wish to have your child’s photograph posted on the website, please download the “WAIVER FOR NO PHOTOGRAPHY” below, fill it out, and return it to Casey Rumsey.  

Coaches-Parent Partnership Download
Role of Parents Download
Parent Guide for 3rd-4th  Division Download
Parents Guide for 5th-8th Division Download
Download Player/Parent Contract Download
Download “Waiver for no pictures" Form Download