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Hello HoopStars! 

We hope that even if you have never played basketball before you will give it a try. Those of you who have played before, we look forward to working with you for another fun-filled season.

Each player should be familiar with their ‘rights’ and what is expected of them. Have you ever read the Kids Bill of Rights for Athletes?  Be a positive player by following the R.O.O.T.S. &  E.L.M.  guidelines for becoming a better athlete and a good sport.

R RULES – respect the rules of the game

OOPPONENTS – respect your opponents, they make you better

O- OFFICIALS – respect the officials, they try to make it fair for everyone

TTEAMMATES – respect your teammates, as they are now ‘family’

SSELF – respect yourself, and honor the game no matter what others might do to disrespect it.





Becoming a good sport is important when playing any competitive activity.  We ask that you follow these Player Guidelines so you understand what is expected of you.

Click here to download the Player/Parent Contract

Click here to download Basketball Court Terms

We hope you have a great season…..see you on the courts!!!!!

PS.  If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to make our program more fun and exciting, please email Tony or Bruce with your ideas. Just go to the Contact tab.