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Welcome to the Registration Page.

1st & 2nd Boys/Girls will play Saturdays - 10 Sessions / 1st Boys 8:30-9:30, 2nd Boys 9:45-10:45, 1st & 2nd Girls 11:00-12:00pm                                                     
3rd & 4th Boys W &  F, 6-7pm
3rd & 4th Girls T & Th, 6-7pm ,  5th & 6th Girls T & Th 7-8pm
5th & 6th Boys W & F   7pm-8pm
7th & 8th Boys W & F   8pm-9pm  
7th & 8th Girls, T & Th 8pm-9pm                                                         

Click here to download a Registration Form GRADES 1-8

Please download both Registration/Info forms if your child did not bring home a flyer from school. 

Please register by NOVEMBER 1st.  

This allows us the needed time to evaluate players and make teams as even as possible.  This is particularly important for the older divisions.  If you missed the deadline please check the home page for division availibility and/ or contact Casey Rumsey regarding availability.

Make sure you complete the form in full, including your child’s height and weight measurements.

Registration is open to any grade appropriate child.  Although if divisions fill up, consideration will be given to Valley Central School District residents.

A reminder to parents:  We do not accept special requests regarding players on the same teams at the 5th-8th grade divisions.  While there is consideration for a coach and his/her child, it is our philosophy, as a recreation program and not an AAU program, that players should gain experience playing with different groups from year to year, and different coaches as well.  We believe it is not fair for the same players to have the same coach for several years running, as marvelous an experience as that can be.  If there is a truly talented coach, we feel other players should be able to benefit from their knowledge rather then just a few.

If you are interested in coaching, please see our
Coaches link above.