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Role of Parents

It is a co-operative effort, requiring support and encouragement. No interference before, during, or after the competition.

Listen to your athlete.

Goals + Roles (ask yourself these questions)

            Why do you think you child is playing?

            What are their goals for the season?

            Ask you son or daughter this question….listen.  If they are the same move on. If different……drop yours and accept theirs.

What can you do to help your young athlete?
            RELEASE them to the game, coach, and team.

These are red flags that you have not released them to the game.
            1. You solve problems before they become problems
            2. You try to coach them after they know more than you do.
            3. Avoid you after a game.
            4. Suffer losses.
            5. They look at you during the game.

What athletes need from parents.
            Model appropriate behavior
            Put the spotlight on the team, not on them.
            One instructional voice.
            Time & Space- leave your player alone after a game. Tell them “I loved watching you play”.

The Four Roles
            1. Spectator
            2. Coach
            3. Official
            4. Player………………….CHOOSE only ONE!