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Steps or Circle of Criticism /  Steps or Circle of Affirmation

One of the key points to becoming a Winning Coach is to know your role in the
Steps of Affirmation. Actions and reactions on the court will have a lasting effect
that either opens or closes the door to good sportsmanship. The Steps of Criticism
and the Steps of Affirmation are simple concepts that illustrate the results of a
coach giving a referee either positive or negative feedback.

>The Steps of Criticism begins when the coach gives a negative response to a right of wrong call made by a referee.
>The coach’s example gives the parent and child the implied permission to react negatively toward the referee.
>The parent’s and coach’s example causes the child to assume
that it is acceptable to react in the same way. The result is a negative           attitude toward authority  
In Montgomery Village Basketball, coaches and referees will work together as a
Unified team.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Coaches have the OPPORTUNITY and the RESPONSIBILITY to stop the Steps Of Criticism by starting the Steps of Affirmation instead.

>The Steps of Affirmation begin when the coach gives a positive response to a right or wrong call made by the referee.                             
>The coach’s example influences the parent and child to react positively toward the referee.
>The coach’s and parent’s example encourages the child to give a positive response. The result is a positive attitude towards authority.

The Steps of Affirmation goes beyond the referee. A coach’s affirmation of players INSPIRES encouragement and positive comments from parents, family
members, and other players. Practicing Steps of Affirmation makes the game a better experience for EVERYONE involved.


Ref:  Upward Bound Basketball Program